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You are invited to attend the most intensive, most complete, most thoroughly understandable, and most enjoyable course in practical HPLC!

  • Understand principles, don' t just memorize
  • Learn proven techniques and strategies
  • Keep up to date with the latest advances
  • Advance your professional development
  • Cover all the key HPLC topics you need to succeed
  • Have fun while you learn from the leading HPLC trainer
  • Microbore to Preparative: Transfer Considerations & Equations
  • Get the best value for your training time

Sign up today and receive one year of FREE e-mail follow-up support and access to our exclusive HPLC forum

Topics you will learn:


  • HPLC Theory & Definitions
  • Mobile Phase Preparation & Selection
  • Traditional & Advanced Forms of Detection, including PDA and LC-MS
  • Column Selection & Separation Chemistries (Normal phase, reverse phase, ion exchange, size exclusion-gel permeation, plus others!)
  • Applications: Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Biotechnological, Polymeric
  • Traditional & Advanced Method Development Approaches
  • Microbore to Preparative: Transfer Considerations & Equations
  • Gradient Chromatography
  • Organic and Biochemical Principles as Related to HPLC

How You Can Acquire HPLC Strategies and Techniques that Would Take a Career to Figure Out on Your Own

Lack of proper training can result in wasted time, increased costs, questionable or false results, and ruined projects. But how do you gain the lifetime of experience required to avoid these mistakes? You learn from an expert who has "been there and done that". Here are some of the HPLC success factors covered in this course:

  • The secrets to quickly and effectively control and optimize your variables
  • Simple tricks to choose, configure, and maintain the best column
  • How to quickly and logically choose the right mobile phase
  • How to optimize your flow rate for the sharpest peaks
  • Easy ways to choose the right UV detector for any application
  • Advanced PDA and LC-MS techniques that allow you to accurately assess peak identity and purity
  • Many more methods to get the best results without wasting time

Finally, You Can Understand and Control Your HPLC Process - No Guessing, No "Blind" Following of Procedures

While most training programs focus on memorization, principle based training stays with you for a lifetime. Memorization at best only works for the specific concepts studied and does not transfer to new situations. Worse yet, leading studies show average retention based on memory lasts only seven days. Principle based training with proper reference stays with you a lifetime. Principle based training allows you to transition to other areas of HPLC because you understand why things work the way they do.

Only Spend the Time You Need to Learn to Get Great Results No Wasted Hours in the Classroom

Because your time is important, we have structured our course to last two days - providing the best balance of optimal learning vs. the cost of your time. One day is too short to learn principles. Three days is more than you need. Our excellent course manual and one year e-mail follow-up will assure you will retain what you learned and have the opportunity to fill any holes in your knowledge.


Register online now or contact us and receive one year of FREE e-mail support,
our exclusive HPLC forum and $100 discount.



"The approach (learning principles) versus memorizing info is definitely a better method to help solve problems and not just robotically doing the work. I learned more in this 2 day course than years of schooling."

Rosemary Castillo
Pfizer Global R & D

"The explanation of concepts using analogies to situations we already understand was extremely beneficial"

Alan Tell
Drug Enforcement Administration

"The instructor is really good. He is easy to listen, to and gives very good examples to make us understand what is going on. He simplified complex definitions. I am really happy to have joined this class"

Eylem Saglam
Biopharmaceutical Chemistry Group




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